Digital Painting Online: Drawing Johnny Depp’s Portrait in Photoshop

In this digital painting tutorial, I am going to show you my actual painting process in photoshop. There is very few photoshop tools used for this tutorial except eraser, pencil and distortion. Which means I am not going to talk a lot about photoshop skills but more on the painting and drawing techniques. My first step is to map out the overall shape, volume and structure using straight lines.

Step 01
This stage is not so crucial when doing digital painting in photoshop as we can always do minor repositioning and distortion of individual parts of our drawing anytime. But for traditional media, you have to really make sure the above properties are mapped out exactly according to the subject.

Drawing Johnny Depp in Photoshop Step1
Step 02
My second step is to give the painting a general tone that defines the dark and light surfaces of Johnny Depp’s face. In this stage we have to find out the darkest and lightest areas of his face and keep the values constant in relative to each other throughout out digital painting process.

Drawing Johnny Depp in Photoshop Step2
Step 03
I keep on refining his facial features to make it look more appealing and realistic. Take note that the most important features of a human portrait painting are his or her eyes. So I am giving a lot of attention at this moment to make sure that Johnny Depp’s eyes are well constructed and shaded.

Drawing Johnny Depp in Photoshop Step3
Step 04
Added more details to his hat.

Drawing Johnny Depp in Photoshop Step4
Step 05
Right now the digital painting of Johnny Depp is almost done. My job now is to make sure the details are well crafted and the tones are well grouped together so that the shading does not look too patchy overall.

Drawing Johnny Depp in Photoshop Step5
Step 06
I noticed that I have drawn Johnny Depp’s face too long, so I press Ctrl+T and did some distortions to his face. It is to refine the proportions to make it look more like him. As you can also see that I have toned down the bright side and further refined the dark tones to increase the complexity within.

Drawing Johnny Depp in Photoshop Step6
Step 07
I cropped the drawing and soften the overall shading tone to give it a more skin feel.

Drawing Johnny Depp in Photoshop Step7
Step 08
Even more details are added in to Johnny Depp’s facial features, especially to his eyes. The shape of his eyes are further refined. It looks narrower than step 7.

Drawing Johnny Depp Portrait in Photoshop Step8Portrait of Johnny Depp

This will conclude my digital painting tutorial online for painting Johnny Depp’s Portrait. Hope you guys enjoy it and one advice is that the more you paint the better you will get. Software is only going to help you speed up the painting process and it is your traditional painting skills that will make your drawing stand out from the rest!..:)

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