How to Draw in Manga Style

This manga characters are drawn in digital painting software. It is a nice tutorial on how to draw manga book character digitally. First we construct the whole layout first in comic studio before inking the drawing with the pen tool. During the process of drawing, it is best to separate the objects in layers. It will make your job easier when doing corrections.M02 M03 M05 M06 M07 M08 M09 M10 M11 M12 M01 We will then export the image from comic studio in photoshop PSD format. Comic studio is more for comic line work drawings, it is not a very good tool for digital coloring. So we choose photoshop and painter for this process. Export the image in photoshop format and open in photoshop. Adjust the hue and saturation in photoshop to make it a bit brownish. It will get us ready for our next step, which is to color it in painter. We save it in photoshop format and open the file in painter. Make sure that the top most layer is always the line work and we do the coloring on the newly created layers below. We will only paint on the line work layer if there are highlight, white spots or light rays. Then we choose the crayon tool and apply a layer of flat peach color for the skin  Combining crayon tool and air brush tool, we draw the shadow and highlight of the characters. The key thing in painting is simply paying attention to light and shadow, environmental lighting and highlights. For exact expression will have to depends on individual's styles. Next we will pay more attention to the characters eyes part. Eyes are a very important part of expressing emotions in manga comic books. We darken the eye lines and emphasis on the highlight of the eyes more. This will make your comic book a lot more happening. How to draw the hair is the same as we do the skin which goes by applying a flat color first.  For crayon tool we will need to pay more attention to your digital wacom pen pressure. We look at the highlight of the hair, its achieved by varying the pressure of the wacom pen. This is how to draw the character to make it look 3D in manga book.  After saving, we open it up in photoshop and apply some white spots to the character clothing. The patterns are collected over time when doing various kind of manga drawings  We now start to draw the background. The yellow was already conceptualize in my head beforehand. If there are any color on the character's body that doesn't go alone with each other, we can make use of the hues and saturation tool in photoshop to make further adjustments. We draw the light and shadow for the background and the pillow. Since the whole drawing is dominated by warm color, we will use a slight warm color for the shadow part.  Continue to draw the details of the background. Note that its important to pay extra attention to details. As the characters are laying on the ground, so we paint a bit of the grass on the top left corner. It's just to give the book readers a hint that they are laying on grass. Then we add some sun light rays to make the whole drawing more lively. Some final touch up of the details and we are done with this manga comic book character.

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