How to Draw Iron Man Digitally in Photoshop

Iron man is one of the members in the Averngers team, I personally like the Avengers very much and this is why I choose to draw Iron Man for this tutorial. I used a very mechanical approach to this digital drawing which you will learn more about it in the following article.

  1. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a Iron Man in Photoshop., I kind of made up this pose based on some reference photos online. This is a quick sketch done in photoshop to give myself a basic outline for coloring.Draw Iron Man Step01
  2. The second step is to lay in the basic Iron Man colors on top of the basic outline. It will help if you could pick the colors from some Iron Man photo. It is good to separate the colors and outlines in different layers so that they can be easily adjusted separately later.Draw Iron Man Step02
  3. Then I start to put in the dark values of the drawing. And this will help the shapes and contours of Iron Man's armor to read a bit better.Draw Iron Man Step03
  4. The next step is to paint in the highlights. This will bring out he areas that is protruding out and push the depth of the drawing even further. After this stage, the overall tonal value is more or less set and it is advised to stick to these values throughout the whole painting process. If the relationships of the values are destroyed during the painting process, the painting will lose its depth and look flat.Draw Iron Man Step04
  5. Now its time to add in the reflections and refractions of Iron Man's shiny metal armors should have. You should be careful not to change any of the basic values that you have defined in the previous stage.
    Draw Iron Man Step05
  6. This is probably the most entertaining part to paint in the whole drawing – The bluish lights. Notice that the outer edge of the lights are very saturated and as it goes towards the center, the color become brighter and brighter. This is all about detail observation skills. The more you observe the more you are able to capture in your painting and of course the more realistic and close the nature your painting will look.Draw Iron Man Step06
  7. I find that the overall color scheme of the painting is a bit to dark, so I did some color balance adjustment. I brought up the dark values and gives it a bit of yellowish tint on top of the dark red colors. It makes the whole drawing look more glamorous.Draw Iron Man Step07
  8. Finally, the Avengers background is added in to make the drawing more complete. I cheated a bit by taking the logo from the Avengers posters..:P
    Draw Iron Man Step08

Hope you like this digital painting tutorial of Iron Man in photoshop. And do look out for more digital painting tutorials like this in future.


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