How to Draw Iron Man Mask

Iron man, as one of the avengers team member, is a character that I like the most. A futuristic metal armour and a billionaire CEO makes a perfect combination for a block buster scifi film.

Today, I am going to show you how to draw and shade the iron man’s mask. Well, I must admin that the shape of iron man’s mask looks pretty simple, but it is actually very hard to draw. Even though I used Photoshop for this drawing, every step is kept as traditional as possible. Non of the advanced digital functions in Photoshop are used to edit my drawings. It is purely done using the pencil and eraser tool in Photoshop.

This is the final drawing

draw ironman mask08

draw ironman mask08

Step 01: Basic Outlines

As usual, this is the most important stage of drawing. You must make sure every proportion and shape is as close to the actual model as possible before starting to add details.

draw ironman mask 01

draw iron man mask 01

Step 02: Adding Details and Minimum Shading

Here after I have fined tuned the general shapes and volumes, rough details and minor shading are added in.

draw ironman mask 02

draw iron man mask 02

Step 03: Adding Gradient

I started working on the back of the mask by adding some soft gradient. The dark red color areas are also toned done with a few more layers of shading.

draw ironman mask03

draw iron man mask 03

Step 04: More Details in Shading

More details are added in terms of shading and gradient. With that the surfaces of the mask is also being refined.

draw ironman mask05

draw iron man mask 04

Step 05: Minor Correction of Shapes and Lines

As I proceed with more detailed shadings, I noticed that some of the areas are a bit out of proportion. This can only be found out with close observation and comparison with the original photo. Necessary changes are made and everything looks better.

draw ironman mask06

draw iron man mask 05

Step 06: The Finishing Touches

With the above steps, this drawing of iron man’s Mask is almost complete.  With minor touch up on the chin and near the ear area and I call it done!

draw ironman mask08

draw iron man mask 06

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