3 Things that Can Save You From a Stroke or Heart Attack at Night

heartYou should always keep 3 things at your bedside if you’re 40 years and above.

A cup of water, a sewing needle and 3 pellets of Aspirin. They can prevent you from the fatal illnesses like heart attack and stroke.

These are two major illnesses that can take someone’s life within minutes, you will be surprised that the above items can save your life from sudden attacks during sleep.

2 pellets of Aspirin

There are always obvious signs before any heart attack happens. For example, acute pain in the left upper arm and lower jaw, vomiting and cold sweat. Most heart attack cases happen during sleep and more than 60% of patients could not wake up to see their family again. But most of the time, the pain will always wake people up from their sleep.

If you encounter such cases, quickly take 2 pellets of Aspirin and call for an ambulance immediately. Remeber to tell the nurse that you have taken 2 aspirin pellets. You have to remain seated while waiting, DO NOT LIE DOWN!

A Sewing Needle

A sewing needle and a few drops of blood could save someone’s life! There are too many unpredictable accidents in life, please remain calm and steady if you encounter one.

We know that strokes are very common among the older generation above 60 years old. But a recent study has shown that the trend is moving towards people as young as 40 years old, mainly due to unhealthy diet and irregular schedule.

The common symptoms of a stroke are vomiting and comma. A stroke will cause the blood vessels in your brain to burst and causing extreme pain in the head. It will also cause you to loose your balance and fall.

When you encounter someone suffering from stroke, don’t try to carry his body. A sudden movement will increase the destruction of blood vessels in the brain. You should slowly help the patient to sit upright and keep him awake while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

During this period, you should start to look for a sewing needle. The needle can be either sterilized with a lighter fume or with human saliva if lighter is not available.

Now here comes the important step. Use the needle to poke the tip of the patient’s 10 fingers until it bleeds. You must do this too all the 10 fingers! Subsequently, you will have to rub the patients’ ears a few times before poking both his lobules ( the piece of flesh at the bottom of the ear where it connects with the jawline ) with the needle. The patient should be able to get back to his consciousness in a while and his muscles are no longer as tense.

The patient should only board the ambulance when he is fully conscious and his muscles are not cramped. Otherwise, the bumpy ride to a hospital could worsen the unconscious patient’s condition. And most of the time it will be a bit too late to save him by the time he reaches the hospital.

You must be wondering, what does poking the patients’ fingers and ears have to do with saving him from dying of a stroke and heart attack? This concept actually comes from traditional Chinese acupuncture. Fingers tips and ears are where many sensitive nerve ends are and the sudden painful disturbance with a needle can force the nearly dysfunctional body to react and kickstart again.

A Glass of Water

If you have a relatively weak heart, you can practice the habit of drinking a cup of water before bed. This will prevent chest pain and blood clog usually caused by thickening of the blood early in the morning.

The cup of water can effectively dilute the thick blood which is caused by loosing of fluid through perspiration during sleep. Hence reducing the chances of getting a heart attack.

Do share this with your friends and parents. It could save lives!