6 Ways to Prevent Cancer

Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

Everyone freaks out when they hear the word “CANCER”, no one want it to be in their body. But like it or not cancer cells is in all of us, it’s just how your body is able to fight and control them from surfacing.

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Why not take a few minutes to read the article below and learn a few ways to cancer prevention.

Smoking Cause Cancer

Smoking Cause Cancer

1. Practice good daily habits by reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking. Based on World health organization’s research, in 5 years, the number of people getting cancer will be 30% lesser if everyone stops smoking now. prolonged intake of alcohol and smoking can change your body to extremely acidic which is a very strong sign of getting cancer.

2. Don’t eat too much salty and spicy food, any food that is too hot or too cold or expired are not good for your body too.

3. Always keep a good mindset towards life and face stress positively. Do not overwork your body and stress is the main cause of cancer, adequate rest is very important for cancer prevention. Research show that a lot of the cancer patients have gone through at least 6 months of extreme stress prior to cancer diagnosis.

4. Exercise regularly outdoors to improve your immune system. Acidic waste will be expelled out together with perspiration and making your body more alkaline.

5. Adopt a regular lifestyle. People who often have irregular activities, like playing mahjong and going to pubs all night long will have a higher chance of making their body more acidic and causing cancer cells to grow and spread rapidly.

6. Don’t eat chemically contaminated or rotten food. More green organic food is good for your body’s PH value. Take less meat or food that has high energy and high protein, because excessive protein is the main cause of acidic body.

In Summary, maintaining a stress free and regular lifestyle is the ultimate way to cancer prevention.

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