8 Unhealthy Habits You Regret Having

Unhealthy Habit 1

Only Eat When Hungry

I am hungry

I am hungry

Many people could not eat on time due to busy work schedule, or simply wont eat until they feel hungry. It is very bad for your body because food only stays in your body for about 4 to 5 hours maximum and by the time you feel the hunger, your stomach would have nothing else to digest but itself, long term consequences of continuing this habits may result in stomach infection and stomach ulcer.


Unhealthy Habit 2

Drink Only When Thirsty

Drink Water

Drink Water

Some people don’t have the habit of drinking water regularly and only do it when they feel thirsty. In fact our body is already dehydrated by the time you get the thirsty feeling and it is a bit late to drink by then, because the damage to your body has been done. Water is a source of life for all living things on earth, it plays a more important part in our digestive system than food does. Human can only survive for 3 hours without shelter and 3 days without water in the wild. An adult needs about 1500 – 2000ml of water everyday for his body to function properly. A glass of water in the morning or an hour before meals does not only cleans up your intestines but also makes your food more delicious. People who drink water regularly are less likely to have¬†constipation and kidney stone. Drinking plenty of water also has blood thinning effect which reduces the risks of getting heart attack and stroke.


Unhealthy Habit 3

Only Rest When Tired

So Tired

So Tired

It has been passed down by many generations that you should only rest when you feel tired and it is not surprising that many people dose that all their life. In fact tiredness is your body’s unique way of telling you that it is suffering from fatigue and cells has been damaged by the time you feel it. However it is still not too bad if you rest immediately when you feel tired. The worst thing could happen is that you won’t rest when tired. It can greatly weakens your immune system and make you vulnerable to¬† common flue viruses.


Unhealthy Habit 4

Only Go To Bed When Sleepy

I'm Sleepy

I’m Sleepy

You may think that you should only go to sleep when you feel tired. The fact is that feeling sleepy is a way that your body is telling you that it is extremely tired and it needs to rest as soon as possible. However this signal will disappear if you ignore it and continue to work. You body will just listen to what your brain is telling it to do and obey its order to continue to function even if it is already very tired. This will mass up your body clock and cause insomnia in a long run. We spend nearly 1/3 of our life in bed which is when nearly all of the detox process happens. Hence, maintaining a regular sleeping habit is definitely going to boost up your health in a long run.


Unhealthy Habit 5

Only Go Toilet When Can’t Bear It Anymore

Toilet Sign

Toilet Sign

Going to the loo is a natural need for every human. It is also the best way for your body to get rid of its toxic waste. It is very unhealthy to hold your pee or feces for too long when you are busy doing work. Holding too much urine in your bladder for too long might cause bladder infection. Holding feces for too long might cause Hemorrhoid , external piles and constipation. And the worst case would be intestine cancer! So this is definitely the habit that you would not want to have.


Unhealthy Habit 6

Only on Diet When Over Weight

loose weight

loose weight

Obese people are becoming increasingly common in our population due to the unhealthy diet offered in fast food restorants. The main cause for obesity is over eating and lack of exercise. It is so not worth it to pay thousands of dollars just to loose the few grams of extra fats whereas you can be slim and fit just by exercising at least 3 times a week. In fact nearly all of the weight lose pills have side effects to a certain degree. Some pills could even be fatal to those who are not fit to take them. After all, regular exercise is not only going to make you more healthier but also boost up your overall confidence.


Unhealthy Habit 7

Only Go to the Doctor when sick

I'm Sick

I’m Sick

Every doctor will tell you that prevention is always the first line of defense for any diseases. It will be too late to regret when certain disease like cancer, diabetes or liver infection, is at its full blown stage. Your body is smarter than you think and it will constantly give you signals to show that certain part of it is not feeling well and needs to be taken care of. This is just the right time to act and apply some remedy to it. Otherwise it will be very costly to buy back your health when your body’s own immune system is too week to fight back the disease which is left unattended for too long and spread like wild fire. On the other hand, many diseases can only be diagnosed by comprehensive medical check ups in well equipped hospitals. Therefore going for regular body checkups is also a good idea to detect and cure any disease early.


Unhealthy Habit 8

Only Exercise When Old

old man exercise

old man exercise

Senior citizens are among the majority that you can find doing morning exercises regularly. Many middle aged people do not sense the urgency and lacks of determination to start exercise regularly, mostly due to work commitment. That is why those common symptoms like diabetes, high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol which were common among older citizens are now shifting towards the younger generation. Sometimes it is quite shocking to find that so many people around you are having medical conditions of some kind and the root cause is lacking of exercise and uncontrolled diet. On the other hand alcohol is also a major factor that causes the above mentioned diseases. It doesn’t mean that alcohol is no good for health. People with poor liver and kidney function and high blood pressure will not be able to break down alcohol properly, hence creating a lot of toxic materials in their body which will worsen their health condition. Otherwise alcohol can be good for your health if taken moderately.