Basic key frame Clean Up Tips for Beginner Anime Artists

These are the common mistakes when you are practicing key frame Clean Up, please be reminded that patience, motivation, constant practice and self discipline are the key factors that can help you to achieve the skills needed to become a good anime artist. Below are some basic key frame clean up tips that will help some beginner anime artists improve their skills.   Smudges Smudges on a Anime Clean up Drawing In order to avoided smudges on your paper, use your erasing shield as a common tool to erase unnecessary lines and mistakes. Alternatively you can also try using a electric eraser which makes erasing lines effortless. If by chance you have already done so much lines, don't erase it anymore, just throw away your work and start again from scratch. Using clean white paper between your hand and your drawing helps a lot in maintaining cleanliness of your work.   Excess lines Avoid Excess Lines When Doing Anime Cleaning ups Erase excess lines on your key frame clean ups by using the right frame on the shield. Erase your excess lines properly and always leave no marks on your clean up drawings.   Crooked Lines Crooked Lines when Cleaning up a Dragon Ball Character If crooked lines are still unavoidable, then practice more by doing quick exercises e. g. short strokes, curves and lines on a spare piece of paper. These simple 5 to 10 minutes "warm ups" helps lot in getting yourself ready for the real manga drawing. When you are drawing, the pressure from your arms and shoulders should be transmitted away from your hand and fingers in order to achieve nice smooth lines on drawing paper.   Details On Lines   Line Details of an Anime Drawing Simple details should be taken into consideration. Make sure the lines that you draw is able to express the form and the depth of the object that you are drawing.   Details on Objects   Construction of Object Details in Anime Cleanup Each Character is unique in its own style and should have its own special design. Attire, uniform and gadgets attached to the body, all of them should be designed accordingly. It is vital to understand the shape of the object fully before the cleaning process. It will help you express the objects better as a whole.   Traced Impressions Avoid Traced Impressions when doing Anime Cleaning Ups The so called "Traced Impressions" are not acceptable in manga drawings. When doing cleaning up, lines should be drawn and traced properly form the key drawings. Try to eliminate unnecessary and uneven lines.   Bold and Dark Lines   Bold and Dark Lines should be avoided in Clean Up Drawings Another kind of lines that should be avoided are uneven and bold lines. These kind of lines are commonly found in beginner anime artists and should be avoided as much as possible when you are practicing clean up. To prevent this mistake from happening again and again, try not to repeat the strokes once it is drawn. You should try to combine many short strokes from end to end in order to draw a long and even line.   Unclosed Gaps Example of Unclosed Lines in a Anime Cleanup Drawing Unclosed regions caused by open lines on corners, edges and curves should be avoided at all times. This will affect the later stage of the production. It is the worst disaster is all of your cleanup drawings have gaps and when the colorist starts to ink and paint your drawings, the colors will cross between two or more parts of the scanned drawings! Hope these basic key frame cleanup tips are helpful in your studies. Always Remember: Practice Makes Perfect!

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