Become a Successful Game Character Desinger in the Video Game Industry

How to Become a Successful Game designer

This tutorial is going to highlight the skills you need to master in order to become a successful game character designer in the video game industry.

Open and Creative Mind

First and the most important thing that you need to have is to have a open and creative mind. As a successful game character designer, you will need to open yourself to all kind of drawing styles out here as different games will require a totally different drawing style in order to fit into the whole game design style. Only sticking to the drawing style that you like, will not get you anywhere in the video game industry.

Excellent Figure Drawing Skill

Other than that, you also need to be able to draw very well, specially human figure drawing of all kinds. This skill is just like your ammo in the battle field and an open and creative mind is your weapon. You will not win the battle without either of them. If you cannot draw well well at the moment, don’t worry, as drawing can be trained over time, I have seen people start from totally knowing nothing about drawing to producing professional drawings within 3 years. And of course you need to have the passion and perseverance in order to achieve something like that.

Great Ability to Interpret Words into Drawings

As a game character designer, you will work very closely with the art director to sketch out his vision. Hence you will also need to train yourself to be able to faithfully interpret descriptive phrases into vivid and meaningful game character design drawings. And sometimes even be able to enhance the original game character description with the drawings that you produce is definitely a plus point that every employer in the video game industry is looking for.

Good Communication Skills

There will be a lot of discussion going on during the video game preproduction of any video games, hence having a good set of communication skills is going to help you contribute your ideas through to other members of the production team so that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Willing to Give Up a Design and Start All Over

Most often than not, you will be working on many different version of the same character design. Sometimes you will have to discard a design that you have been working on for the past 2 weeks and work on a new version of it. If it happens, don’t feel discouraged, as it is part and parcel of your job being a game character designer. When you have done it often enough, you will find that the new version always look better and more solid that the previously discarded pieces. By the way, video game industry makes use of every part of the cow, they will not simply throw away your experimental sketches during video game preproduction, but to compile them and publish books like “The Making of _____”” and “The Art of ____” type of books for the hard core fans of the game. Feel Better Now?…:)

And Most Importantly – A Sense of Humor

Being in a game character designer should be a fun and happening experience, because you love and enjoy 100% of what you do. No one is going to feel comfortable working with you if you show up with an unhappy face to work everyday and you won;t be able to survive very long in the game industry no matter how good you are. Having said all those, I feel that being a game character designer is a very fulfilling and satisfying experience. Having the very game character you have designed being loved and played by millions of fan all over the world is definitely something that you can tell all your friends about! And I hope it will be a great experience for you as well!

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