Digital Painting Tutorial Online: How to Paint Realistic Clouds and Sun Rays in photoshop

In this digital painting tutorial, I am going to talk about how to paint realistic clouds and sun rays in photoshop. Being very organic in shape and size, clouds and sun rays sometimes are quite hard to handle in traditional painting processes. But with the help of photoshop, one can manage to achieve some very nice cloud and sun ray results.

Step 01
First I will do some rough sketches in my sketch book, this is to let myself have a rough idea of the composition. It is also to give myself an overall understanding of the look and feel of the digital painting. Then I scan it into photoshop and paint in some rough tones for the clouds.

Paint Realistic Clouds Step1
Step 02
Then I will use the gradient tool to paint the sky, this will define the overall color scheme of the whole painting. I then paint the clouds using the color scheme of the sky. At this stage I will keep the stroke loose and most importantly is to far away clouds less saturated.

Paint Realistic Clouds Step2
Step 03
Keep adding in details to the background and paint in the basic color for the first character. The clouds are painted using both soft and hard brushes in photoshop to give it a very organic look. The sun rays are also painted in, pay attention to the clouds around the rays and make sure that they appear to be affected by the sun light.

Paint Realistic Clouds Step3
Step 04
Now we move on to the male character, making sure that the color suits in the whole color scheme. As you can see, as I proceed further in the coloring process, some of the details are modified which is quite common in digital painting processes as it allows us to paint in a non linear way. We are fully making use of the advantage of digital painting in photoshop to speed up and fine tune the digital drawings to its best form.

Paint Realistic Clouds Step4
Step 05
This is my final stage in finishing up the digital painting. The girl’s right hand was changed to make it look more natural and more details are added in the man’s cloth. This is not the only way to do digital paintings and I will be publishing more tutorials on various types of digital painting processes..:)

Paint Realistic Clouds Step5

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