Godzilla 2014 Movie Review

Godzilla 2014 Movie Review

Godzilla 2014 Movie Review

Reviews on the Story

The story is basically a retelling of the classic Godzilla that was revised in the 1980s to 1990s. And honestly, I didn’t grow up watching Godzilla. But to be even more honest, it’s okay to not be a fan who knows everything about Godzilla. Because of this film, it accomplished its story perfectly. As long as I still get the vibe from Godzilla fans.


And yes! The story indeed was taken into a very deep reality where it shows us audiences what events will really take place if monsters the size of skyscrapers came to our cities and began destroying lives in the process while they carry on their battles. It was good that the director added more to the story origins of Godzilla. And I felt it was alright for Gareth Edwards, the director, to revive Godzilla in a horrific dark tone.


The tone of this movie was just right. It’s just as simple as saying this is exactly how America should take the iconic giant monster that we’ve all come to know and love. And for that, it’s extremely plausible for what Gareth had to do with this film. The story was really intriguing and well-done. So far I have no problems with the story and that’s my thoughts on the story.


Godzilla 2014 Actors

Godzilla 2014 Actors

Reviews on Characters and Their Performances

In all honest opinions, there is not that much flaws with the acting performances in this film. It was smooth and fine. First of all, Bryan Cranston playing Joseph Brody gave the best performance by far. Due to his role in a mainstreamed American television series entitled Breaking Bad. Bryan added a lot of emotions to his character and you can really tell that Bryan Cranston doesn’t act but instead lives as the characters he plays in filmography. You can feel everything Bryan’s character has suffered through. However it is underwhelming how little time his character was given in this film. Bryan really built a lot of layers to his characters. It did have the potential to become better if the character remained throughout the film but that didn’t bother me or tugged me away from the film itself that much.And also he plays a nuclear physicist in this film.


Aaron Taylor Johnson playing Ford Brody was overall good. He is supposed to bring the audience his point of view as he guides the audience throughout the film. Fortunately, his character had a purpose in the film. Ford Brody is played as Lieutenant of the United States Navy. And also became a father and is married to his wife, Elle Brody. This is rather peculiar as she had a similar last name to Ford’s. It’s something little that was never explained in the story but it’s nothing to be concerned about. She is one of the side characters in the film.


Then we move onto Ken Watanabe playing his role as Dr. Ichiro Serizawa. A scientist who studies M.U.T.O creatures. Which stands for Massively Unidentified Terrestrial Organism? He also added a great performance to his character. It’s fortunate to have another Japanese actor or actress in a film again as it’s quite rare for Hollywood nowadays. But his character development is done further than Bryan Cranston due to full screen time given to his character. And it was delightful to have it accomplished.


David Strathairn playing a USN Admiral, William Stenz. His character is also one of the side characters in this movie. His dialogue with Ken Watanabe’s character was average as I don’t expect his character to be flashed out more just as much the main characters. Obviously because he’s not one of the main characters. Overall, I’ll say the acting was fine and was pretty neat. Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe are the two actors that stands out the most in this film because of their great performances presented in this film.

godzilla 2014 movie screen shot

godzilla 2014 movie screen shot

Reviews on the Action Scenes

The action is completely flawless. It’s jaw dropping, breath-taking and exceedingly plausible. It is the main reason audiences are anticipating to see. The fighting choreography between Godzilla and the two Hokmuto monsters is a sight not to be blinked at. I’m a huge fan when it comes to ginormous creatures have their battle royals on our planet. And Godzilla’s roar was loud, ground-shaking and extremely powerful and well done.


However, the full fight between Godzilla and the two monsters are interrupted by the human’s point of view. But it’s understandable as this film focuses more on the human aspect which is so far the only possible way you can make a grounded live-action Godzilla film. This film concentrates its human element flawlessly and it’s great. All the fight scenes are again, extremely gasping and each builds up to another very well and it gives the audience a sense of thirst from one to another because of how gigantically scoped they are.


Yes once again, Hollywood has released another giant scoped film. It is and will always be Hollywood’s second great take on a giant monster film in this modern era. Since they failed to do from the film that carried out in 1998 which is a complete atrocity and disgrace to the classic Godzilla tradition. The previous film that Hollywood had successfully made was Pacific Rim that was released in 2013. This was my previous most anticipated movie in 2013. Every time Godzilla makes a roar, the audience would jump and cheer for him. The roar was so loud that no Godzilla fans or general audience will disapprove of it. And the action is paced well and fine even though they were shorter compared to Pacific Rim but still, it was enough.


Final Thoughts

Finally, I must say, Godzilla 2014 is my most anticipated movie of the year. And that anticipation has been building up ever since I’ve heard that it was going to be released. And it did. The marketing campaign for this movie had been extremely jaw dropping and exciting for me. And I’m glad that it didn’t disappoint me. It did it just right. Even though the human element was carried out more than the monsters but I felt like everything did its justice. Everything was enough for the monsters but just some of the characters should deserve further character development. But still it doesn’t deteriorate the film and this film is so well done that my ratings are off the charts.
I give this film a five star rating.



It was extremely well-done. It was everything I’ve ever wanted from a Godzilla film. It succeeded in what it’s trying to do. I cannot wait to watch this movie in the theaters again because its movies like this that deserves to be put onto the giant screen in theaters and also to be watched numerously. And it’s blasting audio containing Godzilla’s heavy-weighed powerful roar is just teeth-grinding as it succeeded in bringing my inner 9-year old childhood back to life. And don’t forget its sequel. Even if this movie may not be ground-breaking till the point where it became an Oscar film, in my heart, it’s still the number one best movie of 2014 so far. I honestly do not think any movies in this modern era will beat Godzilla 2014 except for Pacific Rim. The two are equal in its great giant scopes.



The Story of Godzilla 2014

[ WARNING: The description may contain certain plot details. You are advised if you’re not willing to hear minor or even major plot spoilers. Please do not read the following description. Thank you. ]


As the story opens in Japan, we find dedicated nuclear power plant manager Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) so caught up in his work that he forgets it’s his birthday. Sending his young son Ford off to school before reporting to the plant with his wife Sandra (Juliette Binoche), who works in the reactor, Joe begins to suspect that some suspiciously patterned seismic activity may be something more sinister than shifting tectonic plates He’s right, too, because when the plant goes into meltdown mode and Sandra gets caught on the wrong side of the containment door, a massive cover-up ensues.


15-years-later, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) has become a bomb-disposal expert in the U.S. military. He’s just returned home to his wife Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and their son Sam (Carson Bolde) when he gets word that Joe been arrested in Japan. Long estranged from his father, who wrote off as a conspiracy theorist for his failed efforts to prove the Japanese government was attempting to hide something in the disaster, Ford nevertheless ventures to Japan to get him out of jail, and reluctantly agrees to join him in venturing to their old home in the quarantined zone.


Subsequently taken into custody, the pair end up in the very plant where Joe used to work, and where scientists Dr. Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins) are studying a massive cocoon-like structure that appears to feed on radiation. The situation turns critical when the events of the present begin to mirror the events of the past, and a terrifying winged-creature dubbed a “MUTO” is unleashed. Meanwhile, as the military attempts to devise a plan to destroy the beast, signals indicate that it had been calling out to something before it broke free, and the scientists learn that it has awoken a towering, godlike leviathan that has lied dormant for centuries, and may be mankind’s only hope for restoring the balance of nature.

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