How to Draw the Monkey God in Photoshop

I am going to demonstrate to you the process which I used to paint the monkey god in Photoshop in this tutorial. I always paint in a systematical way, even when I am doing it in digital formats.

GOD_wu kong_10

01. First I will draw the pose using rough lines, ignoring minor details. At this stage we should keep everything very loose and only concentrate on the overall look and feel.

GOD_wu kong_1

02. After I am satisfied with the pose and shape, I will then add in the armor and costumes. Giving him a more stylish look.

GOD_wu kong_2

03. Then I will add in the basic colours, keeping the contrast high and strong.

GOD_wu kong_3

04. Adding in highlight and shadows to give it more depth.

GOD_wu kong_4

05. Here I add in the background to build up the mood of the whole picture.

GOD_wu kong_5

06. This is a very crucial stage where I have to add in the spotlight. This will make everything very shiny and reflective.

GOD_wu kong_6

07. Here I added in the glow in his eyes and refined the textures of his armor.

GOD_wu kong_7

08. With the glowing Chinese words added behind in the background, the whole image appeared to be brightened up.

GOD_wu kong_8

09. To enhance it even more, I added more glow to the hair and the stick he is holding.

GOD_wu kong_9

10. Last but no least, I added his name at the bottom left corner and the main title of the illustration. Hope you enjoy this Photoshop painting tutorial!

GOD_wu kong_10

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