How to Make a Successful Video Game in the Game Industry?

The global game industry is a multimillion dollar market. Year after year, tens and thousands of video games are being released by game companies of various sizes but only a minority of them can actually manage to make it into the top seller list and stay there for quite a while.

You must be thinking that with enough money, anyone can design the most wonderful game in the whole world, but the hard fact about game industry is that you will never know the out come of the game you are making until it is released to the market.

“A great idea is meaningless. A great idea that leverages your existing technology, gets the team excited, is feasible to do on time and budget, is commercially competitive, and, last but not least, floats the boat of a major publisher… Now you have something.” — Ken Levine

There are just too many factors that determine if a video game is going to be successful in the video game market. Generally speaking, the most important rule in order to make a successful video game is attention to details. Nowadays, video game players tastes are getting better as games published by big video game companies keeps on redefining the definition of “high quality”.

Needless to say they definitely have millions of dollars to spend on production where each single object in the background are carefully crafted and each movement of the characters are captured and animated many times till perfection. However, that doesn’t mean that small video game companies will not be able to put up a fight and compete with the gorillas of the game industry like SONY and EA.

Small budget casual games are exactly what small companies are after and to be successful in making. In recent years we have heard again and again that a single casual game had made millions of dollars like “angry bird” and “FieldRunners”. The casual game market have flourished during the past 2 years with the release of Iphone and Ipod Touch and thousands of small game companies are aiming at this multimillion dollar casual game industry.

Iphone Game: Field Runners

Iphone Game: Field Runners

Iphone Game: Angry Birds

Iphone Game: Angry Birds


Some of you might ask, ” Just exactly how did a small game like “angry bird” become so successful?”. Well, the answer is giving a new look and new theme to a old school classic game and focus on one main game mechanics and refine it till perfect. The Angry bird game was actually evolved from a class game called Crush the Castle released in 2009. The game makers just give the classic a new make up and angry bird was on it’s way to make millions $$$$$.

Making video games is not a easy task, it involves a lot of thinking and planning to develop a master piece. Not everyone can make a successful video game like angry bird even if they are given a classic template to refer to. After all, the game industry is still at it’s infancy stage and there are lot more exciting and innovative new video games awaiting us during the next 10 to 20 years!!

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