Monster Villain Character Design

Monster Villain Description : The character is designed with various part of insect-like creatures that mainly consist of the body of a centipede, modified legs of a spider, horn of some beetles, tail and head of a scorpion.

Physique (Legs)
In this character design, it has about 2 main/primary legs and 6 secondary legs. the two main legs are used mainly as an all-purposes tool such as the primary support of the weight(like the human’s ankle) and it actually is three times stronger than the secondary legs.

While the secondary legs can act as its default function which is supporting the bodyweight, it can also temporary use them as a cutting weapon in order to hunt as there are blade-like parts and jaw-like spikes on each secondary legs. Though by doing so, more pressure and stress is placed onto the two primary legs(The front two legs).

It has two pincer-alike parts which is used for clamping/catching prey that are otherwise not reachable by it’s preferred hunting method–the legs. One of the pincer also has a tongue-like parts that has about the same function as a frog’s tongue and can be extended to catch more agile and further prey.

It’s horn and 2 feelers is some sort of tool that act as communication, to differentiate between friend or foe and it is said that the horn signify the power and intelligence of the creature. Has sharp and pointy tooth. Has a rather low vision and mainly detect things via air pressure or air movement with the tiny hair that’s on all over it’s body.

Physique (Body/behavior)
The creature has a centipede-like body with various wounds on it. As it has always been hunted in the past, it has multiple wounds on various part of it’s body and this has also cause it to developed some highly-pain resistant cells and evolved regeneration(doesn’t really heal faster but can regenerate lost parts). It can also apparently, do just fine even with it’s bone protruding out. Has a eye-like part on it’s chest but this is little more than a pattern to incite fear to lesser foe.

Additionally, it also has an additional mouth that has a hand-like tongue with the same purpose as the one in one of it’s pincer, but this one is mostly used for gripping while the one in the pincer is used for restraining. Has spiky skin that are poisonous to any who touches it to prevent attacks from smaller foe who might climb onto it’s skin. It also has a tail that is mainly used for paralyzing and inflicting a lethal poison when stung(mainly for foes way larger than itself).

Tentacles-like part which is actually one of it’s unique innards can also protrude from any opening on it’s body to bind and restrain foes from blind spot or unreachable area. Has a rather poor defensive ability but has a freakishly high endurance and is very resilient that it can take in about five or seven times the amount of damages that would otherwise inflict death and still survive– although this might result in it having to go on a hibernation in order to recover. Also spits out the bone of it’s prey after the nutrients has been absorbed.


Design Credit: Ang Song Seng

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