Movie Review on Miyazaki’s Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli

The movie ‘Spirited Away’ is a breath taking Japanese animated film created by Studio Ghibli, directed and written by Hayato Myazaki and produced by Toshio Suzuki.

The movie was released in July 27, 2001 and has made over two hundred million US dollars. Studio Ghibli is also known for other movies such as ‘Princess Mononoke’, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and ‘My Neighbor Totoro’.

There is not one thing in the movie that I can say I have disliked. The movie was interested and it felt not only magical, but joyful and exciting. My favorite part of the movie is when the girl named Chihiro (also known as ‘Sen’) who goes to visit Zeniba, a twin of one of the characters in the movie, along with her friends. The scenes taken place at Zeniba’s home was very heart warming and joyful.

From the start of the movie, Chihiro used to be frightened of the unfamiliar environment around her, but as she continued to move forward in her adventure, she became more brave and strong willed to do whatever she can to get her parents back to normal as well as to helping her friends.
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The most exciting part of the movie to me was when Chihiro’s friend ‘Haku’, whom was a dragon during the scene, was badly injured and chased by paper “birds”. To be honest, I really cannot say which scene is the most exciting as I find almost all of them to be full of suspense.

When i was watching the movie, i felt like i was in another world. The place which Chihiro was trapped in, is quite weird, but then again it really is interesting. It makes me feel like i want to be there. What i like about this movie was the romance. I also like the music pieces played in the movie, because the music is composed in such a way that it makes you think about things and brings you into another world.

I also like the parts when Chihiro is secretly taken cared of by Haku. Haku is a water spirit who is disguised as a boy. What i didn’t really like in the movie was Haku and Chihiro parting ways. That part made me feel very sad, like they were not going to see each other again. I wonder why most Japanese movies have to end this way. I’m not being racist about that, but they Haku and Chihiro should have at least kissed before they parted or maybe they should have been able to meet each other soon…

Some of the most exciting parts for me would be, when the spirit No Face eats the servants at he bath house and causes lots of destruction. I also know from the movie that Chihiro is a kind hearted girl and would do anything to help the people she loves. This movie is a must watch for both adults and children, as it captures people’s imagination, and also makes them think.

The script writer really put everything he could think of to put in this anime film. The story line had many kind of characters taking place in it. In 2001 this anime was one of the top in that year. The studio that created this movie was Studio Ghibli. In 1998 another anime they made was Princess Mononoke. That anime was also one of the top that time and till today it’s still popular in the anime industry. Studio Ghibli is still producing what i like to refer to as one of the top anime’s in the world.

I recommend people to watch it as it really helps the company that not many know get back on it’s feet and support it. It has a long way ahead of it and it has shown many people that it is worth watching and spending your time on it. The movie spirited away is about a girl who finds herself trapped in another dimension and tries to get out of it with her parents.

In the movie she had to work at a Bath house where many things happened. Not only does she have to get her parents to change back to normal after eating so much food, she also has to work for her own. People in the bath house helped her and supported her.

All I can say is that this movie is one of the best movies I have seen from Studio Ghibili.

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