The 5 Dirtiest Habits in Life

Good habits in life will make you more healthy, whereas bad ones will destroy it. Here is an overview of the worst habits in life that will take away your health.

dirty habits in life

dirty habits in life

1. Not Brushing Teeth Before Sleep

Brushing teeth before sleep is much more important than brushing it after waking up in the morning. Brushing teeth not only improve your oral health but also helps you get into sleep easier. Official survey has shown that 43% of people admint that they sometimes forget to brush teeth before sleep.

The production of sliver will be much lesser during sleep. And sliver is the main fighting force to clear away the germs in your mouth, as a result not brushing teeth before sleep will provide the best condition for the germs to multiply and increase the chances of getting gum and teeth problem.

2. Shower without Soap

A hot water bath before sleep everyday not only relax your muscles and increase blood circulation but also helps your to sleep better. Research has shown that nearly 1/3 of the women don’t use soap when taking shower. Sometimes simply using water is not enough to wash away the dirt and perspiration on your body, especially under the armpits and groin areas where sweat glands are very active. And if not cleaned thoroughly, those areas will cause unwanted odor. As a result, using of shower lotion is very effective to keep your body clean and odor free.

3. Don’t Wash hands after Using Toilet

Research has shown that only 38% percent of people actually wash hands after using toilet and only 2% spend more than 10 seconds to wash.

There are millions of germs left on your hand after touching the facilities in the toilet and they might be accidentally swallowed during meals if not cleaned thoroughly. This will cause diarrhea and other digestive system related diseases.

4. Don’t Change Under Wear Daily

There will be 0.1 grams of human feces left on the underwear for every you wear it. And there are 10 million bacteria, 1 million germs, 1000 parasite and hundreds of parasite eggs in every gram of human feces. God knows how dirty your underwear will become if you continuously wear it for 1 week!

5. Go to Gym Without a Towel.

The equipments in gym are covered with perspiration from hundreds of people everyday, and wet and humid surfaces provide the best environment for virus and germs to regenerate themselves. On top of that I don’t think gyms clean their equipments everyday, so if it is a less expensive gym, getting a towel to separate your body from millions of virus and germs when working out in a gym is a smart move.