What Food is Good for Cancer Prevention

Food for Cancer Prevention

Food for Cancer Prevention

Seaweed is the king of alkaline food. consuming more seaweed can help balance your body’s acidic Ph value and reduce body ache caused by fatigue. Hence eating more seaweed will increase your body’s abilities to fight against cancer cells.

Please read this article to find out why alkaline food is good for cancer prevention.

Tea Prevent Cancer

Tea Prevent Cancer

Another super alkaline food is tea. Aside from the caffeine content which will make you more alert, the tea alkaline content can effectively neutralize the acidic materials in your body and making you feel more refresh and energetic.

Vegetarian Food Prevent Cancer

Vegetarian Food Prevent Cancer

The last method is to try vegetarian food for a period of time. If you refer to the food list below, nearly all of meat belong to the acidic food category. That explains by itself why being a vegetarian can reduce the chance of getting cancer.

Acidic Food List ( Eat Less )

More acidic: egg yolk, cheese, sugar.

Less acidic: Ham, chicken, pork, eel, beef, wheat, butter.

Mild Acidic: Rice, Peanuts, Beer, octopus.

Alkaline Food List ( Eat More )

Mild Alkaline: Red Bean, Carrot, Apple, onion, Bean Curd.

Less Alkaline: Tomato, banana, strawberry, egg white, lemon, spinach.

More Alkaline: grape, tea, red wine, seaweed, natural algae.

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