X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Review

X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Review

X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Review


In an apocalyptic future during the year of 2023, mutants are being hunt down and being captured or killed by a race of overpowered robotic beings purposed to prevent mutation from ever spreading globally again. They’re entitled to their names, the Sentinels. For years, the Sentinels were following their purpose hunting mutants. Many mutants proved to meet their demises during the raging war.

Only a group of mutants were left as they’re last of what’s left to their kind. These mutants hid in their concentration camps. Hiding from the Sentinels. This war became nearly hopeless. To stop this outraging war from ever occurring, Wolverine is sent back to 1973 to stop this war once and for all before it even began.

The story to me was really compelling. To acknowledge the fact that this is what’s left of the X-MEN is quite sad. The story is a combined pertaining the story from its franchise mostly through X-MEN: First Class and the first X-MEN directed by Bryan Singer. Who also directed this film. The story was not only compelling but it does have a lot of well told emotional arcs.

Bryan Singer really makes you care about the characters and root for each and every one of them. The story is Bryan’s clever way to resolve all the issues that happened in X-MEN 2 and X-MEN 3: The Last Stand. And that’s what I’ve found really intriguing, it had me invested into this desolated world. This world that is running out of mutants because of these cold-hearted Sentinels. The story was good, not bad. It actually managed to exceed my expectations which were very low.



X-Men days of future past 1

X-Men days of future past 1


Hugh Jackman :: Taking back his role as Wolverine / Logan.

His character this time round is taken with a different approach as he is to send back to the past with the major help of Kitty Pryde. He is forced to think peaceful or good thoughts so as to prevent his mind from disrupting between both future and past.

One of the main mutant characters known for possessing the power of superhuman healing factor, strength and bones which are made out of adamantium which grants him to ability to pull out three long sharp adamantium claws between his knuckles. Being the only character able to mind melded into the past to change everything to prevent the war from starting. Sending back a mutant for decades would rip their mind apart. Luckily for our character, Wolverine, whose mind can heal as fast as it could tore apart itself from going back into decades. But luckily X-MEN Days Of Future Past didn’t only concentrate on him being the central part of the story as we will get onto our next character.


Jennifer Lawrence :: As the mutant who’s able to transform herself biologically into anyone, known as Mystique / Raven Darkholme.

Her character became more centralized to the story. As Mystique is the cause of all this outrageous war that wasted 50 years. And I really feel like her character became more emotional and to the fact where you know that even a her highly-skilled assassin like her could be vulnerable. That makes for a more hooked on compelling anti-villain as she is strict towards her own missions.

And still manages to be incredibly attractive and appealing as that’s how her character is portrayed according to its character in the source material. It’s also good to see her as an antagonist who still has some good left in that character, that way you’ll be able to know why this character is causing these villainous events. I really felt like I’m clanged onto her character, really great performance by Jennifer Lawrence.


James McAvoy & Patrick Stewart :: Playing the same character in different timeline as Professor X / Charles Xavier.

The man who owns a school that’s for the gifted children that possess superhuman or inhuman abilities. Great performance from Patrick Stewart playing his role of the future Professor X. Great as always. But James McAvoy did a fantastic job at portraying the younger Professor X or mostly known as just Charles Xavier.

A broken man who had lost everything, right after what happened in X-MEN: First Class. Currently treating himself with excess amounts of serum that Hank has been developing in the school that’s closed down. This grants him to functionality of his legs, being able to walk.

Which pulls his power away from him from being the world’s most powerful telepath. James McAvoy did a really great job at give powerful and strong emotions to his character that really makes the audience feel the pain that this young man has to suffer. Such mesmerizing to see this two actors playing the same role on the big screen. Well done.


Michael Fassbender & Ian McKellen :: Reprising their roles as Eric Lensherr / better known as Magneto.

The ultimate rival with Charles Xavier. The mutant who’s able to control and manipulate anything in the form of metal. Ian McKellen as always, gives a great performance to his older character as Magneto. Giving the character of a certain superior personality. Knowing that in the future of 2023 where mutants are nearly wiped out or captured, decides to join the X-MEN to end this war that he regretted so much.

Michael Fassbender being the younger Magneto adds a sense of stability and gravitas to his character. Has a powerful and mesmerizing performance as well. Particularly with that argument scene he has with the younger Charles Xavier inside the small aircraft. Really powerful. Great job, Michael Fassbender. Hope to see him reprise more roles as Magneto too if there’s ever going to be another one.


Halle Berry :: One of the returning characters from the previous films as Storm / Ororo Munroe.

She is one of remaining mutants left after the cold war of mutant extinction. The mutant who is able to control elements mostly on the weather. Her character was likable. It’s obviously okay for her character to appear less in the film. Although in my personal technical opinion with her, still preferred her long flowing hair as she had that the source material but I chose to not let that bother me too much. I have no problems with her character, she was alright.


Nicholas Hoult & Kelsey Grammer :: As reprising as Beast / Dr. Hank McCoy.

Another enjoyable character. A mutant who superhuman agility, strength and speed. As a young Hank McCoy, Hank is a mutant who has been treating himself with the same serum that Charles has. But he takes it on a regular basis to maintain his power. As his powers possess of being able to transform into a blue-skinned and furred human with fangs.

This also grants him the ability of superhuman strength, speed and agility. Kelsey Grammer made a small cameo as the older Beast. Working as a doctor in Xavier’s school for the gifted youngsters. It’s fun to see his character have interaction with Wolverine and a few other characters.


Anna Paquin as Marie / Rogue

Anna Paquin made her cameo in the film in the new future near the ending of film as Rogue. A mutant who is able to absorb any mutant’s life force or abilities simply by touching them. It was great to see her return from the previous films of the franchise.


Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde

A mutant who is able to atomically pass through any solid matter. She’s also able to grant other mutants this ability whenever she holds onto them in anyway. Apparently in this film, she was given the ability to telepathically transport anyone into the past by placing her hands near the sides of their head with her palms. She becomes more useful in this film and is one of the mutants hiding in their concentration camp.

Every last minutes of every Sentinel attacks, Kitty Pryde would send one of the mutants back in time a few days to warn the group of the incoming attack. And they would move to different places to evade the Sentinels from reaching them. Ellen Page puts on a great performance as well. Some people have been saying Ellen Page plays the same type of character over and over again but I have to disagree. I’m quite a fan of Ellen Page and anything she does intrigues me.


Peter Dinklage playing his role as Bolivar Trask

Peter Dinklage’s performance as the man who owns the Trask Industries where he is the creator of the mutant killing machines, the Sentinels. Mystique prioritized herself to hunt down and kill Bolivar Trask as she was the only mutant to discover the entire plan of the Sentinels. Peter Dinklage is a great actor, don’t get me wrong. But his character was somewhat likable but just did not do enough to surprise me.

But I must admit the weapons he created were impressive. Peter Dinklage wanted to have complete biological samples of Mystique as to step the Sentinel program further years in just a short period of time. Only that part of the story interested the most. The Sentinels. Which we will get somewhere at the end of my thoughts of the actors and the characters they’re playing.


Shawn Ashmore reprising as Iceman / Bobby Drake

It’s great to see one of my favourite mutants return to the big screen. One of the mutants also in the concentration camps. This mutant has the ability to manipulate and of course, create ice. It was really intense and captivating to see him fight with the Sentinels on screen along with other mutants in the camp when the Sentinels arrive to destroy them. Although I can’t pick any mutants as my favourite because I just love all of them with their interesting characters. But I would love to have the power to create and manipulate ice too. It’s really cool. No pun intended.


Omar Sy as one of the newly introduced mutants, Bishop / Lucas Bishop

Bishop is one of the newly introduced mutants in the franchise including Warpath, Blink, Sunspot. His power is the ability to absorb energy mostly from mutants as he carries a large rifle that is charged by Bishop’s energy channeling through his body. The rifle projects waves of deadly energy which can quickly dissolve parts of an opponent. And I really thought that was unique and awesome. In the beginning of the film, he was used to send back four days before the Sentinel attack to warn the group of its incoming. And yes, I liked his character on screen. Great job displaying his powers and abilities on screen. Hope to see more of him in the sequel.


 Daniel Cudmore as Colossus / Peter Rasputin

I really love this mutant’s powers. He possesses the power to transform internally and externally into an organic steel material. This grants him superhuman strength and durability. Basically he’s a living and breathing armor. He was introduced in the previous film, X-MEN 3: The Last Stand. Even though this mutant was great to see, it’s also surprising to see how a living armor can be vulnerable physically at some point when outnumbered alone. Peter Rasputin is a very large and muscular character which grants his organic steel form with enhanced superhuman abilities. Really cool. And yes, he’s also in the concentration camps with the group.


Evan Peters as Quicksilver / Peter Maximoff

As a character that is used for comedic relief, Evan Peters did a great job when he’s on screen to display his mutant ability which consist of an incredibly fast superhuman speed without any harm. Has white of hair and eyebrows. Some people were not happy with the way he looks but after seeing him on screen, it changed everyone’s point of view due to the short and great script that Evan Peters was given to his character. Hope to see him more in the future installments.


FAN BINGBING as Blink / Clarice Ferguson

It’s great to see Fan Bingbing play her character as a mutant who is able to create portals as a form of teleportation. She assists the other mutants and uses her abilities to give other mutants to use their power and abilities to their own advantages through her assist of creating portals. Another really beautiful and attractive female character showing off her great powers. I like how she was given elf ears, gives a sense of the look a mutant physically.


Adan Canto as Sunspot

Yeah. I love his powers too. He’s a mutant who has superhuman strength which is absorbed by solar energy. He is almost invulnerable and is able to create flames. He reminded me of other superheroes or mutants that have the exact same power. For example, Human Torch and Pyro. Pyro is only able to manipulate flame if it’s not created by him. That’s why he needs flamethrowers that are attached on his wrists under a long sleeved jacket. While Human Torch is basically able to do things with solar and fire power more powerful than Pyro and Sunspot.

For Sunspot, he could engulf himself completely into flames just like the Human Torch. Sunspot can’t do extreme manipulations with his power except for throwing flames. So to be clear, Sunspot is basically a human sun. Take our sun in the solar system and miniaturized it into the form of a human. Think of it that way, I think it sounds really really hot!! Great to see this character on screen. Although I wished to see him at least say at least one line of dialogue but overall this character was enjoyable to see.


Booboo Stewart as Warpath

I always assume he had no power in this film but it appears that he is. Quite shocking that he is a mutant. A mutant who is has unlimited superhuman sight and hearing. And don’t get me wrong, I think all the mutant powers are amazing to watch but for Warpath, I thought, this is too. He appears to be some sort of an assassin who possesses superhuman strength and agility and he’s able to see anything miles and miles away than any normal human can. He could hear miles and miles away as well than any human could. For example, if you are skydiving and all you see are clouds. But what you don’t see is an incoming fighter jet speeding towards you.

So I thought it will be really cool. If you’re Warpath you would know when to use your parachutes. As you can see, Warpath adds a value to the team to warn them if he sees and hears Sentinels a mile away. To warn the mutants before the Sentinels even reach them. He also give his character a good enough satisfactory emotional arc. I like his part in the team. Good job Booboo!


 Josh Helman as Major William Stryker

[MAJOR SPOILER: If you haven’t see the film yet, do not read this following description. ]

I have really nothing much to say about this character. But he was good and okay. At first I assume he was young Cyclops but turns out he’s the man who gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and claws so at the ending, why was Mystique was impersonating Stryker. But it didn’t confuse me, it probably was because after Mystique left the white house, she decided to impersonate Stryker to follow the military people who went to save Wolverine. So I’m not sure why some people are confused.

But he is character was overall fine. I liked it.



X-Men days of future past 2

X-Men days of future past 2

Okay! At last! The Sentinels! Been waiting to get to this part of my thoughts of the characters. Now! I have to admit, I really am horrified by these robotic race of Sentinels. They look like god material. They are horrifying to confront. I can tell that the Sentinels are one of the most brutal villains I’ve ever seen.

Their one and only goal in their missions, is to kill mutants. You can see it in their eyes visually. You know, they will kill you if you dare to go against them. Well, for the Sentinels in the future. The ones in the past was not so powerful as they’re only prototypes. But these Sentinels in the future grew on me. But they are the most brutal mutant killing machines I’ve ever seen. And meeting them face to face is hell. They even come in an army.

You think you know how horrifying they are but you do not, I advise you to go into this film to see them in action. Then you’ll realize how cold blooded this Sentinels are, literally. And the theme made for them just describes this entire fleet of Sentinels that are unbeatable. They’re ultimate killing machines for a whole lot of reasons. The Sentinels are build to adapt to any mutant possible. No mutant can defeat the Sentinels in battle. They will die fighting and that will mark the end of the lives once their confront a Sentinel.



X-Men days of future past 3

X-Men days of future past 3

The action in this film is of course, top notch action choreography. And I will not lie, this is what I love most in this film. I’m not trying to be sadistic but there are some really brutal and violent scenes in this film. As I said in a previous portion of my review where these Sentinels are extremely horrifying to confront. You know the mutants aren’t going to be able to defeat these monsters but you really feel for each and every one of these mutants whenever they’re in battle royals with the Sentinels. Since they’re able to adapt to any mutant and if possible for them, using the mutants’ powers against them. But you know you just want to avenge your mutants for these cold-blooded killing monsters.

Besides the Sentinels, the action there was well directed, filmed and choreographed. And since the script was well written, the action was great to see visually. But it also has it’s reasons for being there and purposes. Good or bad. It has its best or worse intentions. That’s due to the obvious great written script that this film has to offer.


There were a couple of scenes where you do get to see the consecutive deaths of the mutants as they lost their fights to the Sentinels. But I’ll start in detail. So please, if you haven’t seen the film, DO NOT READ THIS PORTION OF THE REVIEW IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE FOLLOWING FILM.

In the beginning when the mutants are on their battle against the Sentinels. Warpath had already sensed the Sentinels landing onto the Moscow temple. He was on the same area and level with Blink, not really sure what they were doing there. But Blink opens up a portal and took the two of them downstairs where all the mutants are settling down in one area. Could be upstairs, not really sure either.

Colossus and Sunspot got out from their chairs and Sunspot helps to charge Bishop up with his solar energy. And we all assumed that this is not the first time the mutants have escaped the Sentinels. So after Bishop’s rifle gets charged up with his energy absorption, Kitty Pryde holds onto Bishop and runs to safety where Kitty could send Bishop back in case the mutants don’t make it out alive. The rest of the group notice the ceiling being drilled through by the Sentinels. With in quick desperation, Colossus quickly turned into his organic steel form, Sunspot engulfs himself up with solar energy. One of the Sentinels emerged from the ceiling and landed onto the floor. Standing back up.

Sunspot immediately throws his flames at the Sentinel. While another Sentinel emerged back away from that area. Colossus confronts that Sentinel but just as Colossus is about to throw a punch, the Sentinel knocks him down quickly. To save Colossus, Blink opened a portal where Warpath could go through and land on the back of the Sentinel. As that Sentinel gets distracted, Colossus sees a clear shot and slams both of his fists together onto the Sentinel’s head.

As Bishop and Kitty are running away from danger, the third Sentinel emerged from that part of the ceiling and lands down onto the floor. Bishop shoots that Sentinel right onto its shoulder, creating a wound. But the Sentinel still functions. Suddenly, a portal opens between the Sentinel, Bishop and Kitty where Warpath jumps onto the Sentinel and stabbing the Sentinel with his dagger. Blink was there too as she opened another portal for Bishop and Kitty to go through to escape. Blink escaped as well. Iceman found Blink as she opened a portal for him to save Bishop and Kitty from that Sentinel who apparently found them and chases them down. Iceman slides down on his ice and traps the Sentinel with his ice.

Back to the other fight between Colossus and that Sentinel. Colossus throws a punch but the Sentinel catches it and twisted Colossus’ wrist. Then this is when I thought all hell is going to break lose. Where the Sentinel began to turn into organic steel simply by adapting it from Colossus. Colossus gets shocked as he noticed that the Sentinels can absorb and adapt to the mutants. Then this is the moment where I feared the Sentinels. The film did a really great job at portraying how powerful and scary these Sentinels are. The music becomes more terrifying as we see Sunspot still throwing the flames at that Sentinel. It made me say “Oh no!”

The Sentinel engulfed himself with ice as began to resist Sunspot. Sunspot begins to struggle knowing that he became vulnerable as his flames cannot do anything to safe himself. As the Sentinels past the powers to each other. The other Sentinel began to envelope himself with Sunspot’s solar energy to melt the ice quickly. Sunspot being completely helpless gets choked by the Sentinel to death. While the other Sentinel catches Iceman while he’s sliding on his ice around the Sentinel. Bishop and Kitty finally reached into a metal safe. Kitty quickly begins to transport Bishop back to the past to warn the group while the mutants gets themselves killed out there.

The Sentinel grabs onto Iceman’s neck, the Sentinel enhances the solar energy making it hotter and hotter until Iceman’s neck melted off. Decapitating him and crushing Iceman’s head with its foot. And my goodness, those are some of the most brutal deaths I’ve never come to expect from an X-MEN film. Luckily Bishop stopped that from happening.

You need to watch this film to understand how brutal these deaths are. But of course, don’t just go into this film for these deaths please.


But yes, besides the Sentinels killing the mutants, there are other action scenes are they are done really well too. Unfortunately I had not much of it to say right now about the action. It’s great.



X-Men days of future past 4

X-Men days of future past 4

Overall I think X-MEN: Days Of Future Past is one of my best films this year in 2014. It did what it had to do by fixing the problems that occurred in the previous films. And yes, it definitely had everything well told and done. From the great script, great performances, great emotional arcs that actually made the audience care for these people, great cast. Everything is great in this film. Although the only problem I get was, I really wish I knew how the mutants got onto that point in the future where humans or mutants are being killed or captured. I really wish we could get to know how.

And also the new mutants introduced to us, I wish we do get to see some of their character development as well. Like Bishop, Sunspot, Colossus, Blink and Warpath. But I try not to let that bother me too much as I still know this is a well-made film and definitely deserves four and a half stars, I really think this film is one of the best films of 2014 and I recommend anyone who’s reading this review to go watch the film if it’s still in the cinemas, purchase the DVDs or Blu-Rays or however way possible.

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